Barrio is a fun and authentic Filipino BBQ eatery located in Garden Grove, California. At Barrio, great comfort food meets the unique, dynamic ambiance of Steelcraft.

When I embarked upon the creative journey to design the emblematic logo for Barrio, I sought to immerse myself deeply in the rich essence and connotations encapsulated by the word 'Barrio' in Tagalog. It was imperative to capture the soul of the term and transmute it into a visually compelling and resonant symbol that would effectively represent the core ethos of the brand.

To commence this artistic endeavor, I delved into an ideation phase, where I meticulously brainstormed and sketched numerous conceptual drafts on paper. These initial sketches served as the fertile ground for cultivating the seeds of creativity, allowing me to explore various design avenues and craft a strong foundation upon which the final emblem could flourish.

After a series of meticulous refinements and design enhancements, I presented the refined logo concept to the esteemed client. I earnestly elucidated the design choices, the meticulous symbolism woven into each element, and the deep-rooted meaning that the logo conveyed. The client, thoroughly impressed by the thoughtfulness and creativity imbued into the emblem, wholeheartedly embraced the design, granting it their enthusiastic approval.


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